Tuesday, 25 January 2011


It seems, when set a challenge, I can't resist.


I’m relaxing on a working boat
Amongst the coal
Sweet honey glow slides down my throat
Warming my soul

My work is done, the stars are out
To light the eve
The midnight water ripples about
Beneath my sleeve

The deep round glass is heating up
Safe in my hands
Smooth amber liquid requests a sup
Nay, it demands…

A breeze plays with tree branches
Above our heads
Leaf piles in little avalanches
Make insect beds

Big, raw heat carves a solid path
O’er lips and tongue
A numbness in the aftermath
Ten melodies unsung

Weary, away from home and cold
And sleep, I lack
But all I need’s a touch of gold
This soothing Armagnac

1 comment:

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