Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Can't Get You Out Of My Mind

I search for a way to do your beauty justice, I attempt to capture your essence, but it slips away, it escapes, it will not be found. You are richly dark and at the same time sharply illuminating, you are bluer than the saddest song and blacker than the bitterest tongue and brighter than a child’s heart. Your blue-black is a wildly comforting storm, the shattering relevation of a midday eclipse, you make hearts break and reattach simultaneously, you are a broken illusion and the quietest peace. There are thunderbeams, stars, constellations which spark and shake and shimmer with serenity, keen to be known, too shy to be shown, the white glistening drops of madness which dizzy and destroy the sky, and flirt with secrecy. There are moons spattered across your depths, crystalline globes of a near-white clarity, the iridescence turning to a milky anger as they hide from watchful minds. Between the stars and the moons and the dark and the light are your eyes, deep and neverending, a welcome presence as my soul reaches out to you. If they add to this a fathom of unrest, a margin of shiver, a slow, gentle clink of love, they will find you, as I found you, and they will understand, like I try to understand.

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