Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hot On The Heels...

Since I'm awake anyway, why put off until tomorrow what I can do now? Here's another poem that, although I started it several years ago after behaving horribly in a relationship, I found half-finished recently and managed to get back into the same mindset to complete it. Bit of a different topic to the last one - but it still rhymes (I can't help it).

Again, I welcome comments, and again, if you want to hear it instead of read it, you can do that below:


Opposites Attract

Opposites attract; and yet, the similarities
Are in direct inverse proportion to my stream of vanities
And so despite the fact we’re different, which fuels your desire
My superiority extinguishes that fire

You would disregard my science, and I would disregard your art
And I can guarantee that one of us would have a broken heart
But urges must be satisfied and closure should be found
We seek answers in each other, try to run our doubts aground

The way you move around me is a comforting shift
From the way I felt about you when I gave you short shrift
The thudding of my heart is now from love and not frustration
But I can’t help but miss the arguments from prior situations

With regret and full awareness I begin to catch you out
Return to disagreements, try to make you stamp and shout
Being so eristical is just my comfort zone
Now I fear, with such indulgence, I’ll just end up on my own

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