Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Trains And Transfers

The main aim of today's blog is to direct you to others. I'm lucky enough to be friends/acquaintances with a great many extremely talented people and their work should be more wide-reaching than it is - so get to it, send me things I'm missing out on and luxuriate in the joy of creativity. Or something.

First, though, so as not to give up on the writing thing altogether, one little poem. I'm not going to record it as I don't have the energy at the moment to read it as I hear it in my head - I wrote it very quickly, in about three minutes, and it should be read in the same manner. With the pace of a hurtling train, you might say.


Spasms of fear, and
Spasms of thought
Will she go forth, and
Will she get caught?
The act may be daring, and
The act may be bold
How could she play, and
How could she fold?

A season of wonder, and
A season of trust
The bond will remain, and
The bond will not rust
Where is the pressure, and
Where is the test?
She cannot be tempted, and
She cannot rest

The prize it is hidden, and
The prize it is there
The claimant fought hard, and
The claimant won fair
So where is her joy, and
Where is her glory?
An unchanging guilt, and
An unchanging story

Come out with the truth, and
Come out with no falter
The unchanging must change, and
The unchanging must alter
She has not the time, and
She has not the patience
To stop with the masses, and
To stop at small stations

Now, to the transfers. Settle back in your seat and have a good time.

Sarah Frasca is a makeup artist based in London, who blogs about cruelty-free and eco-friendly ways to work - this stuff is interesting even if you aren't into makeup. She's got some exciting projects coming up and is definitely one to watch...
Sarah Frasca Makeup

Tim is a lead animator working in Vienna, and creates (and describes the creation of) astounding pieces of art. He also writes about film scores with constantly surprising and enlightening examples. A very talented guy.
Ramblings Of A Demented Englishman

Neil Hart is a writer from Surrey, who's had one novel published and is working on a great many other things including a sitcom and further prose. He is very funny, sometimes even intentionally.
Neil J Hart

Sam Johnstone is a multitalented gent from the Wirral (part of the Gingerbread Poets' Society along with Neil Hart, Karen Brigden and myself) who provides us with rants, rambles and intellectual discourse on many wideranging subjects. He also has a laser eye sometimes, although he writes very little about it.
It's A Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad World

Karen Brigden is a poet, photographer, cake-maker, mother and generally lovely person. She doesn't use her blog too much but if we all persuade her very gently, she might share more of her loveliness with us...
The Tips Of My Fingers

Gaijin-san (as far as I can remember it means foreigner or outsider...but in a nice way) is a lawyer type who blogs regularly on legal and political issues. He's articulate, intelligent and most of all normal - he writes in a very accessible way about very important things. There are also full rules and regulations of a Twitter-based drinking game, if that is your persuasion. If you have time, scroll down to read the post on "Article 10".
The Law, As Seen From The Cheap Seats

I know next to nothing about this lovely lady, but what I do know is awesome. An all-round beauty of a website, she encompasses food, travelling, daydreams, photographs and design... I could spend hours here. What particularly attracted me was this little statement:

"This blog is about making life a little less ordinary.
It's about encouraging others to give into a daydream or twenty.
It's about appreciating the all too familiar little details in our lives in all their quiet glory.
It's about learning new things and remembering forgotten things.
It's about making our own magic rather than waiting for some enchantment to fall into our laps.
It's about far off places and our own back yards.
It's about turning shit into gold and looking life right in the eye.
Its about finding new meaning and new ways to see."

It's what drives us all, no?

Worship At The House Of Blues

This collection of amazement of others is going to be completed later tonight - I cannot possibly hope to keep your interest for the length of time it will take to wander through the sites all at once. For now, enjoy.

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