Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Righting My Writing

I'm pretty lazy, to be honest. I have no discipline and I never force myself to write anything. Luckily I've got a career elsewhere, but I still enjoy writing as and when...


Righting My Writing

If there is a way
To which I feel I can commit
Then commit I will
Until then I will flit
Between passing thrills
The delicate intricacies
Of flowing prose
To the sharp staccato wit
Of poetry
Who knows what I may find
And although I know I’m probably wrong
in thinking there’s a style to which I just happen to belong
And although I know there’s work to be done
Commitment, perseverance and carrying on, and on
It happens in my head
Like an unravelling thread
And I’m perfectly happy to wait
Until the future, that distant date
When it comes together of its own accord
At which point
It will be its own reward
By which time
I won’t care a jot
And of course
I’ll be so old and forgetful by then
I’ll have to start all over again

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