Wednesday, 16 March 2011

You're In Luck

A slight departure from rhymes.

You're In Luck

“It’s not right, Rosie,” said Ella, sniffing the cup. She squealed in disgust. “You CAN’T.” Rosie grabbed the beaker of dark purple liquid from her big sister and brought it to her lips. It smelled sweet to her, the same juicy ripe sugary drink that she’d tasted an hour ago from the same cup. Determined to show off her bravery, she squeezed her eyes shut, stopped breathing, and let the grapy mixture stain her tongue. After a second, she composed herself. Eyes wide, a quick assessment of the situation showed no adverse reaction.

“Ella… it’s the same. It’s just juice again.”

Ella wasn’t convinced. They tried the experiment once more, this time with coffee. The same thing. Rosie hadn’t felt sick, or looked green, or noticed any different flavour. After a few more drinks, Ella was persuaded to join in the taste tests, and agreed. There was literally no change.

Feeling a little petulant, Rosie drank an entire carton of orange juice and waited until she could feel pressure on her bladder. She eagerly took her glass into the bathroom with her, but was rewarded with a pale yellow stream instead of the acidic egg-yolk orange she had hoped for. “Looks like it’s just you, Ella,” Rosie announced as she rejoined her sister. “What can you have done to make THAT happen?”

Ella shrugged, warming to the prospect of having a magic power. “I don’t know,” she said thoughtfully, “but do you think it works with food too?”

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