Friday, 13 May 2011

The Coot

This is for Debbie.

The Coot

A coot just whispered in my ear
"Come sit with me, Kat, so you can hear,
I've got a story you might like,"
So we rested against my yellow bike
And he began to speak.

"You know the flat white streak we've got?
It's come from the sky, from quite a lot
of other birds who don't like us much,
so they poo on our heads, and as such
it always tends to stick.

"And our legs! Have you noticed our legs, Kat?
They started out tiny, but then we got fat
because of all you lovely humans who fed us
so they grew strong, and turned green from riverside meadows,
so it's mainly you to blame."

I listened and I understood
He wanted me to know; perhaps so I would
not mock them so on their strange features.
Only one thing puzzles me about my little teacher...
How did he know my name?

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