Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Into Worlds

My friend Olivia has done a grand job of reading a poem about daydreaming for me - thought you might be bored of me by now - hope you enjoy, and follow her (@babelfishwars) on Twitter, as she is ace.


Into Worlds

Into worlds I go
Vast landscapes
And eclipses of reality

Detailed in the darkness
Not before my eyes, behind
A moment's rest
A parallel place
To throw my mind

Nothing real could be so glazed
So bright
This floating possibility
Leaps and bounds
traversing doubts
with improbable energy

No life could be as strong

They knock
I wake
Not from slumber but
my reverie
sinks with only traces
on the surface of my memory

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  1. What? No comments. People loathe my reading! I WANT YOUR ACCENT! *sobs*