Monday, 2 May 2011

Sea Sick

I have been trying for days to upload an Audioboo, but for whatever reason (probably that the signal isn't strong enough, although even using a dongle with which every other website is fine, Audioboo won't load...) I cannot. Therefore you'll have to put your eyes to some use and read this instead.

I must admit I am a little uninspired to write about the whole boating thing, as it feels like a rehash of last year - do feel free to scroll down to 2010's entries if you want to find out about the kind of work I do, albeit now on a different boat! I decided to not stress out in the first two weeks and concentrate on relaxing during time off instead of working on things, so I could get back into the swing of this life. I have, though, written a little poem, which I hope you like, or dislike, or at least read.

Sea Sick

I stand on the edge of the boat
One hand on the rail
One foot on the gunwale
The other foot hanging, waving
over the dirty water six inches

We're going too fast, and
as we shoot through the water
at five miles an hour
(the limit is four)
we create a wash
Foaming waves which will erode the bank
And I'm back on the first boat on which I ever sat
The Greek blue sea, my sunglasses, sunhat
And I still have the same urge as when I was eight
To jump in, disappear

To dive, to float, to swim, to sink

To drown

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