Friday, 10 June 2011

The Split Part One

This is a two part story, the first part of which is read by top Swedish (in case you couldn't translate!) gal Emine Güler. Second part coming shortly.


The Split Part One

I haven't been back for fifteen years
I grip the plane, my fears
cloud around me
I don't like travelling alone

He isn't with me, I told him to stay
With our heart, our home
Yet I wish
He had tried harder to insist
I don't like travelling alone

I get in a taxi at the airport
"Where to today?" the man asks
as if we were familiar
"Just the usual," I joke,
"Just the usual."
I have to repeat it
My accent is warped with the years away
The moment is lost
My head down
I pray

Life isn't so grand
He's at the end of a thousand miles
I'm at the end of my patience
I won't see his eyes for
five months
There was no time to think
I thought wrongly
I could have changed my mind
He could have changed my mind
He should have changed my mind


  1. Hello, I found this post via Twitter. I really got drawn in by these words, and it kind of took me back to a particular time...
    I love that photo, too.
    Happy travelling, alone or otherwise

  2. Hello Sara! Thank you very much. Glad you like it all. Trying to get part two done now..