Thursday, 28 July 2011

Outward Bound

Would you like to know about my weekend? I did these things:

Left the boat for five days (five!)
Met lots of other people who will soon be Maersk-sponsored cadets
Went gorge walking
Ate food that I didn't cook myself, and didn't have to serve others
Had LOTS of coffee (to be fair, this is pretty standard)
Sat on minibuses and coaches for a long time
Slept in a tent for the first time ever
Climbed a mountain (Bow Fell)
Went orienteering
Had to tell a sixteen-year-old that Cumbria isn't in Scotland
Got dressed up in my navy uniform
Had a room all to myself
Was offered heaps of cake and some free beer
Found my perfect shower
Got up four levels of a Jacob's Ladder
Watched a million presentations about Maersk
Got excited about my new career
Made some very, very dodgy custard while camping. It was basically yellow vanilla water with powdery lumps
Took some photos (I'll put them up properly soon, check Instagram if you have it though)

... and generally had an ace time...

Roll on September!

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