Monday, 12 September 2011

September 12th 2011

We had our first classes today. Predictably, as we hadn’t met most of the lecturers before, it was yet more introductions and general course descriptions – but the very fact we’re in timetabled lectures makes me feel like I’m actually doing something, which is good. I’ll describe the subjects in more detail as we go on, as I’m still not sure exactly what comes under which title. We got straight into maths. All very basic but probably for the best considering how long it’s been since I’ve done it! Looking forward to it getting more complex though, and the lecturer seems like the type to want us to move on quickly, instead of going over and over topics until they’ve lost all meaning. All in all, a good first day. Especially since I had a parcel arrive full of Tunnock's goodies and a boat drawing from some friends in Edinburgh!

I couldn’t sleep last night. Maybe the coffee I had after dinner (I’ve cut down dramatically on my normal intake since being here, partly due to the lack of close-to-desk facilities) or maybe excitement about lectures starting, maybe just too much sleep the night before. Either way, I started composing some piano music in my head. Inspiration only hits sporadically so it was nice to be thinking in a different way to my recent mental state – although it did make me pine for the days when I could get out of bed at 2am and go and play the piano. Ah, for a home of my own... Today, one of my classmates heard in our oft-repeated introductions that I used to study music, and told me that he and some others were planning to visit a practice space soon, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to join them and actually play something.

On Saturday, a group of us visited Greenwich as a “school trip”, which was amazing fun. We went to the Observatory and Planetarium – WELL worth a visit if you haven’t before, and even if you have, as their recent photography competition winners are being exhibited – and then the Maritime Museum (very cool especially if you like poring over ancient brass navigation instruments like I do) and a wander round Greenwich Market, which has the most incredible smells from its food stalls! We found out at the Planetarium that the next big meteor shower is on 21st October, so maybe I’ll gather some folks to sit and have a midnight picnic outside while we watch.

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