Thursday, 15 September 2011

September 15th 2011

The realities of being away from everything I know are starting to set in now. All around me after the weekend I could hear fellow cadets talking about missing their families/partners/pets; it’s all still new and exciting, for most, but doesn’t stop you wishing for a second that you were among old friends again. It’s a different thing to being at sea; on a ship there’s no option, you’re literally disconnected from loved ones. Here we’re just quite far away, and the theoretical possibility that you could get to someone if you had to makes not being allowed all the worse.

The lack of facilities and space is still getting to me a little. I want a kitchen; I like to cook and don’t want to queue up with a plastic tray for three meals a day that I don’t want, or feel guilty for not doing so because it’s already paid for. I want a room of my own; my roommate is lovely and considerate but there’s nowhere at all where one is guaranteed to have peace and quiet, especially with echoey corridors. But these are little gripes, only thought about when I have nothing else to do. To be honest we’re well looked after and have everything we need, if not everything we want. I’m sure if I were 18 I’d have no complaints.

Having said that, the lectures are getting good now we’re over the initial stages. Maths especially is coming on at a fair pace – we’ve got an excellent lecturer who knows what she’s doing and does it efficiently. Any problems which occur there are entirely our own fault, such as yesterday when I and another cadet were stumped for at least ten minutes, baffled as to why our answers were so close but not quite right. It turns out that 365 is the number of days in a year and definitely not the number of degrees in a circle. At least it wasn’t just me...

I’m getting on with my writing, or at least tidied up my brain and computer a bit so I know what needs to be done. I’m hoping I can get the “main” novel/book/story (never quite sure what to call it) finished by Christmas, so I can use my sea time for another - which gives me about three months to do 40,000 words. Easy, right? Easy. Yeah.

The uniform is starting to feel more comfortable, although I reckon I look like a policewoman. Maybe I’ll get my roommate to take a picture soon for me to share with you all.

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