Tuesday, 6 September 2011

September 6th 2011

We’ve been given loads of information today, and it’s all whirling around in my head. I can’t remember what I’ve been told and what I still need to find out; this is what comes of sitting in lecture halls all day with various people reeling off seemingly unending lists of instructions and suggestions! I do know that I’m very excited about starting the proper lessons. We’ll be learning about ship and port operations, lots of maths, a bit of marine legislation, the actual navigation stuff and plenty of other things. At the end of the term we’ll have to complete a series of short courses including firefighting (genuinely terrified about this) and lifeboat skills. Fun in the December weather! Everything I hear, though, makes me want to do it more, which has to be a good sign.

Our maths assessment was this morning. It wasn’t a pass/fail thing – it was more to determine which of us will need to take extra lessons. I think I did fairly well considering I haven’t done maths properly for about ten years! Not certain when we’re getting the results, but hopefully they’ll decide I’m fine without the extra lessons, as I can pick things up much better by working them out myself than having a teacher try to explain.

Library inductions were also today, and they’re looking for “library ambassadors” to help with later opening hours. I think I might apply, as it’d be (sort of) fulfilling a childhood ambition – I wanted so badly to be a librarian as a kid. I assumed they could sit and read the books all day, which is apparently not what happens, but I’d still like to try it...

We’ve got a pub quiz tonight in the bar. We’re given a dining card with money preloaded for food during the week but it can’t be used for alcohol, which is probably a good thing – I’ll be answering questions fuelled by tea instead of brandy. We can buy drinks ourselves of course, but I’m determined not to spend any unnecessary money this term - it’ll be good practice for when I’m on a ship and not allowed to drink any alcohol at all, at any point!

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  1. 'Tis an awesome photograph of you! Reading all this even I'm getting excited, perhaps even a little jealous, which in turn will help fuel the harder times I guess. And it sounds as though you have more than your own confusion to offer at present. I admit that I don't read many of your blog posts but they're always an experience none-the-less. Things in New York are going pretty well at the moment, slowly submerging myself into the art world and bouyancy is yet to fail me. I had promised myself that I would have at least one exhibition by the end of the Summer and I will end up having had three! Keep me updated on when (not if) you'll be able to make it to NYC next. "Mail From Monkeys From Mars" has to get recorded! And we just miss your crazy face!

    - Simon