Thursday, 8 September 2011

September 7th 2011

Only a half day today – we were taken on a little tour of the main Southampton Solent University campus (of which Warsash is a faculty). They seem to offer a big range of things to do in our spare time, including lots of sports. I might have a look at a club or two, although the watersports short courses here at Warsash are a bit more appealing at the moment. We’ll see how I feel when the weather starts getting worse though, a nice game of indoor TV-watching might be a bit more beneficial to my mood... I picked up a leaflet about becoming a course rep as well, which means representing any concerns your class has in monthly university meetings, so I’ll have a think about that.

I’ve signed up for a day trip to Greenwich Observatory on Saturday. We were told to give priority to the people who didn’t know London well, as there were only a limited number of places, but nobody else seemed to be putting their hand up and I absolutely love observatories – so hopefully I’m not doing anyone out of a place. There’s another trip to see a warship and Southampton Boat Show in a couple of weeks with lots more available spaces. Maybe I’ll try to put my name down for that too. Although when am I going to get this lie-in I’ve been promising myself since April?...

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