Friday, 27 January 2012

Action Stations

An exciting end to my first week onboard. First of all, an Enclosed Space Rescue drill. Then chilli garlic prawns for lunch! Everyone's a winner.

The drill was interesting - we were informed ahead of time as to what was going to happen, and after the alarm sounded everyone had their part to play. The scenario was that the electrician was missing, so two people from each "team" (everyone on board is in one of two emergency teams, each having their own muster point in case of an alarm) put on breathing apparatus to locate and then rescue the missing person. I think it all went fairly smoothly - my job was to go and get the stretcher, which I believe I did with grace and aplomb...I'm not actually sure what aplomb means, but I'm sure I had it.

After that was over, we watched a video about stowaways which I think was meant to reassure us of the action to take but really just scared me a little bit. Then back up to the bridge for the rest of my rudely interrupted watch!

P insisted that I come up with my own plan for learning, and today we went through it all and put a few things into place. Being at college for only three months before this I've realised how little we actually know (and at the time it felt like we were learning so much!) so sitting down and planning it all out was really handy. I've split it up into six sections: chartwork, celestial/terrestrial navigation, Rules Of The Road, cargo operations, bridge equipment/steering (this is what I have proved utterly useless at so far) and weather/meteorology. Focusing on two of those per day, I should do everything twice a week within the 8-12 watch, and we get one day off per week to consolidate... sounds pretty heavy but I think also manageable. Hope so anyway!

I've been reading Murakami's 1Q84 when I can grab a spare minute, which I'm absolutely loving, but I must say its fantastical worlds and airy fairy weird characters are not exactly allowing me to ground myself in serious work. Maybe I should have brought A Brief History Of Time instead.

Tomorrow: the weekend! It doesn't bring with it a lie in, but it does bring a new port, and cargo watch...

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