Monday, 30 January 2012

Rolling In The Deep

Ahh, day off... well, sort of. I have the afternoon off deck work, which means a day without boilersuits, sweating, iron ladders, helmet marks on the forehead... but instead I have a load of calculations and diagrams to do for my navigational workbook.  P and I decided to make 8-10 each watch teaching/studying time (and then 10-12 for learning actual bridge work), and today was celestial navigation - we haven't even touched on that in college yet so it's fascinating. I think I've understood the basics and have some good ideas and projects to enter into the workbook

The captain invited me to observe a meeting of the ship's Safety Committee which was also interesting, finding out how problems were resolved and what the day to day issues are. The main thing I got from it was that they were hardly ever all in agreement but always managed to find a good compromise! We've been told we have to be extra vigilant around the area that we're going into, so there's going to be an extra AB on watch for additional lookout duties.

Something I immediately noticed upon leaving Port Louis was that instead of pitching (in layman's terms the ship's bow dipping up and down), the swell of the ocean is making us roll (ie from side to side). I thought this was the bit where I'd get seasick but for some reason I find the motion really comforting. The incline of a ship is measured by the clinometer, which today said 5 degrees to port and then 3 to starboard - this worried me until I realised that the meter wasn't exactly in the centre! If it actually had been inclining more on one side, this would be due to an angle of list - which basically means that the cargo on the ship is stored unevenly and isn't exactly safe.

Anyway, now that two rows of containers have been removed from in front of my cabin, I can actually see the ocean so I'm going back down to enjoy my view while I study. Clocks go back again tonight so we're going from +4 to +3, and then the following night we go to +2 in preparation for Durban. Extra sleep two nights in a row!


  1. We think you mean Inclinometer for the roll angle. An Anemometer is the thing with cups spinning round to measure wins speed

  2. Haha! Yes, I do. Thanks. I was looking at them both at the same time and got distracted :)