Thursday, 26 January 2012


Just a quick one today - I was all set to type out huge spiels last night (Thursday morning, for you Brits) but then the ship's Internet died, and by the time it came back on I was asleep. Which was around 6.30pm our time. Not quite sure why I'm still so tired constantly, I slept for about eleven hours last night! I keep promising the third officer I'll come and do some work and look at stars on his night watch as well and then before I know it it's morning and I've done zero with my evening. It was nice at first to catch up on all the sleep I'm sure I've been missing out on as a student and over Christmas, but it's starting to get a little frustrating. Tonight immediately after dinner I'm going to make myself coffee and hope that works. Which was my plan yesterday but I made the mistake of sitting down in my cabin instead of heading to the coffee machine straight away!

We get into Port Louis (Mauritius) around this time tomorrow. I'm excited as this is the first port I'll have entered - makes me think I should allow myself to sleep early one more night so I can get up in plenty of time to see all the action!

Today P and I attempted to put stencils on to our liferings. For some reason, this UK-flagged ship only carries "Singapore" stencils! So we had to create one with the right curve for the lifering, which was fine, all looked very nice. Then it came to keeping it steady as we painted. I think it's a three man job really, two to do the work and one to stand over us reminding us not to get distracted by stories of previous cadets and crew who have mysteriously vanished overboard! Tales like this are rife throughout college and ships. There's one that everyone knows about the US navy ship and the lighthouse...but whether you take them as true or just a nice way to pass the time, there is pretty much nothing as enjoyable as sitting on the deck, painting and chatting to your colleagues with the wind of the Indian Ocean in your face, with the brightest, deepest blue water you've ever seen all around you, knowing that dinner is on its way... aahhhhh...

It's early morning here now and I'm off for breakfast. We've just had confirmation we're returning to college in May instead of September, which is a bit of a blow, but it does mean the next sea phase will presumably be lengthened - and it also means I need to enjoy being on a ship while I can. Ta ra!

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