Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Late last night, we crossed the equator. I've never been in the southern hemisphere before (although to be honest, in the middle of the ocean...nothing's changed. I haven't checked the sinks for water swirling the other way yet). No line-crossing ceremonies - thank God, because it was around midnight and I would not have been a happy bunny to have been awoken from the middle of my ten hour sleep!

I think today might have been the breaking point in my weird sleep pattern. Slept for too long, woke up too early, but now have made a plan for doing something after dinner so I have the impetus to stay awake longer instead of just sitting in my cabin and reading til I nod off! I'll still be reading, but Collision Regulations, up on the bridge, with a flashlight, so I'll be forced to concentrate.

I've had a really busy and fun day but I'm sitting here struggling to think of things to write - probably still getting too much information into my brain during the day and now unable to sift/filter... I do have a couple of practical points for anyone about to go to sea or thinking of doing so:

- Bring a suitcase you can carry up steps. I struggled up the gangway with my two!
- Girls, if you're joining in hot climes, bring plenty of bras. The non-bridge work you do means they will be soaked with sweat. Which sounds disgusting, but hey ho. And trust me, you'll be too knackered to be washing them every night!
- Make one of the first things you do ascertain where you can drink water. I was dehydrated as soon as I got on board and found out later that they hadn't changed the filters in most of the water fountains! Cholera here I come.
-  Bring notebooks to write/draw things in. Loads of notebooks.

I think that's your lot for today. On Friday we have an emergency drill which should be fun, then at the weekend we're in our next port, in Mauritius!

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