Monday, 23 January 2012


So, er, it's pretty hot down here near the equator. I was on watch today from 8-12 on the lovely air conditioned bridge (although the coffee machine was broken. Poor little Kat) where the third officer P is going through everything with me. He's a really nice guy and tries so hard to be serious. I may be a bad influence. The new captain started talking to me and P about the best way to teach/learn which is a little frustrating as it felt like a lecture - I've only been here two days (as has he!) and he's never even looked at me before, let alone said hello or asked how I'm getting on. I'm sure he knows what he's talking about and it will all work itself out eventually, but I don't like being told I'm not doing something properly by someone who has no idea how I'm doing it.

After watch came boiler suit time. Turns out it's called a boiler suit because when you wear it, you boil... P and I dashed around a bit in the engine room and steering gear room to pick up some things to fix the thermometers up on the bridge - there's a dry one to measure the air temperature and one which is dipped into water to measure humidity. Anyway one of them was tilting slightly so we need to attach it again using cable ties from the engine room. Which is incredibly hot. And loud. I could feel sweat trickling down my back.

Next up was working with the bosun. He told me to go and observe the ABs (able seamen) while they used a wire brush (a powered tool which uses wire bristles and air to remove rust and dirt and smooth down edges of chipped paint) and then painted on top of the marks. Observe?! No chance. The wire brush was loads of fun - very heavy and a bit awkward, but so therapeutic to get rid of all that muck etc on the deck! Then painting over with the grey primer to get ready for the colour later. It's not tricky, just tiring - all that on the deck of a ship in 30 degree heat, in a boilersuit and goggles and ear defenders... I was glad when it hit 5 o'clock! My face had deep red marks where the goggles sat and I looked tanned, until I washed my face and realised it was all rust and dust. Shame.

The breaking of the coffee machine (hereafter known as The Great Caffeine Disaster 2012) has prevented me from staying awake any later than 8pm so here I must go. Will I ever get used to this?

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  1. Sounds awful and also wonderful, Jealous, I think.
    (@ultimatedennis btw)