Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bus Haiku

I spent most of yesterday on a bus, the glorious M***bus, from Glasgow to London. To stop me from going insane I wrote some haiku to document my journey. Such an inordinate amount, in fact, that I thought I should at least blog them so my mediocre tired brainpower wasn't put to waste. So here they are. All untitled, but in sequence.

My usual seat
Top deck, third back, left, window
A cake at my seat

The seat is sticking
Forced back, now won't move at all
Sorry, girl behind

The SOUTH, it proclaims
Hills and lochs and villages
Stretch out behind me

What kind of road sign
will be in this mountain range -
"Further"? "Low cloud"? "Sheep"?

Where the fuck does that go then
Never heard of it

Kirkpatrick Fleming
says the sign; how marvellous
to be named so well.

"Welcome to England"
suddenly, tea ev'rywhere!
Cricket! Fish and chips!

Mist rolls down on us
I can just make out "M6"
Lucky I don't drive

Someone has a torch
near the front. Many colours
Megabus disco

Preston Services!
We can almost taste the snacks
But no. We drive past.

The sign stands proudly
but points to nothing; a small
invisible town

Darkened signs glimmer
Could that be... - does it say...? - yes!
At last, city-bound

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