Saturday, 14 April 2012


When I need an
I take my box full of
stars and my notebooks
To the rock that juts out
past the cliffs
With the rocky path leading to it
in low tide

And I release the stars so they
Light my sky
And I write in my notebooks until
My pen runs dry

When the tide comes in
I’m trapped again on the rock,
I forget
So distracted by the words and the
That the blackish waves are rippling
Against my toes
Surrounded by the sea

And I release my notebooks
onto wetted rocks
And I grab the stars
To put back in their box

When I wade my way
I plan to go back over and over
The same will happen
The ocean eats my words, they
dissolve into its current, and
it keeps my thoughts
in case I need them again

And I will get old
with nostalgic whims
And I will dive deep down
to piece back together the
shreds of thoughts I once had
and pretend I’m still the same person

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